Are You Qualified for a Free Credit Score Report?

Credit score reports come with a fee.  The amount you need to pay for a credit score report will depend on the method you are using to obtain a credit score report that you probably need for a debt settlement, a debt consolidation, a credit card application or a loan re-structuring.

If you secure a credit score report from a credit bureau chances are you will pay a higher fee.  A cheaper alternative would be to obtain a credit score rating from credit agencies who offer the same thing.  Then, of course, there is such a thing as a free credit score report. You can find more details on credit card on the site

The question is–are you qualified for a free credit score report?

When Can You Get a Free Credit Score Report

There are instances where you may qualify for a free credit score report.  If you fall under any of the following conditions, then a free credit score report will be yours:

  • Legality – as a consumer, you are entitled to a free credit score report once a year. This is helpful if you want to access your own records before applying for a mortgage, a credit card, a debt consolidation or a debt settlement.  Check with a credit bureau as to how you can access a free credit score report online for 30 days.
  • Erroneous Credit Score Ratings – Ideally, a credit bureau will provide a free credit score report if you are uncertain as to the integrity of the figures in your credit score.
  • Negative Impact of the Credit Score – If you have been denied a credit line, paid higher insurance premiums or failed to get employment because of a credit score, you may apply for a free credit score report.

Maximize Something Free

Your credit standing is very important to you.  Your credit score has a lot of impact that just financially.  While you can shell out the money if necessary, always remember that there is a free credit score report at your disposal.  Simply make sure that you have the qualifications to get one.