What the Hulk Tattoo Design Signifies To Its Avid Fans

Way back in 1962, the Incredible Hulk became one of the most popular and admired Marvel superheroes.It was originally created for comic book illustration story by Jack Kirby and Stan Lee. The Hulk is easily identified with its large,muscled, green humanoid reflecting immense power and superhuman strength. Activated through anger and temper, the character of Bruce Banner as a shy physicist caught on a radioactive blast, easily transforms into the hulk version where these are the common subject for body art tattooli.

Why was this particular image of a superhero commonly used in body tattoos?

Probably it is the dual personality that appeals to the fans because they see themselves in the character. Likewise it is also very attractive in the eyes of the women since it shows strength underneath the simple man. Women want men to be strong and rugged beneath the casual look, someone who can be depended upon to protect them yet tender enough in their feelings towards her.


The hulk as a tattoo design


Most of the tattoo designs from this character are reflected either as raging faces with white teeth and intense looking eyes that threaten individuals from coming nearer. On the other hand, another is the pure muscle and strength of the total image of the hulk. As a hulk fan, the hulk tattoo is one of the coolest thing to have now a days.




The altered ego of the Bruce Banner is a reflection of many of the male fans wishing to imitate the strength and power of this superhero in them. The tattoo pierced in their skin is a constant reminder that they have to struggle to become a superhero in their life for the people who depend and love them like their family. While the dual personality signifies that they too have a soft spot capable of showing love and affection too.