Types Of Sprinkler Systems Kent

Having protection in your buildings in case there is smoke or there is fire is one of the best things you ought to do. Installing sprinkler systems Kent is going to be one of the best preventive measures that you ought to take as well. There are a lot of different types of sprinklers and you ought to know more about them, so you can choose well which you would want to install in your home and which one is more suitable for your office. More information on Fire sprinkler systems Kent on www.systematikmande.co.uk.


This type of fire sprinkler systems are often filled right with air so that water gets allowed to be able to just pass through in the case that a smoke alarm or any detector just go off. This type would have about two triggers to make the water flow. It also helps a lot as a preemptive measurement for a fire. It also has a feature of preventing the sprinkler to prevent water to go out in case that there is a mechanical failure or in case a false alarm suddenly happens.

Dry pipe

Dry pipe type of sprinklers are quite similar to pre-action type of systems since they use pressurized air inside of the pipe that will exit before the water would. This would cause at least a minute delay when it comes to discharging water, but it actually is very ideal for all the buildings that has low temperature so that the pipes are not going to freeze.

Wet pipe

Another type to try would be the wet pipe type of sprinkler systems. This allows them for a quick reaction in case a fire suddenly comes in. Mostly, you would consider this in high-rise buildings with quite a number of floors. You really should consider this and that would really help out a lot when it comes down to it.